Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How do I estimate my home repair costs?
  • How do I budget my home remodeling project?
  • What are my home inspection repair costs?
  • How do I learn to work with contractors?

“Welcome to Institui”

estimate home remodeling repair costs

Institui is the online service helping home owners, buyers and sellers evaluate home remodeling and repair costs.

Contractor estimates can vary widely and aren’t always fair, now home owners can snap a few pictures fill out our form and get a detailed cost of their remodeling or repair project. We also do a full or partial evaluation of a home inspection report and give you a detail cost of your repairs and defects. All in a 72 hour turnaround. All project evaluations are based off decades of collected national data and indexed right to your community’s zip code. Accurate, reliable real estimates by real people.

Our estimates give our clients a target range cost to budget their projects and assist with contractor evaluation. Check out our “Estimate Example“. Visit our resource page, learn to hire and work with contractors. Go right to the source on our links page to find your states consumer laws regarding home remodeling and repair.

Imagine how it will feel to interview contractors armed with Institui’s comprehensive estimate in your hands.   Use our free guide “Finding and Working with your Contractor” and “Resources Links” to confidently oversee your project. Don’t ever pay to much again!

Institui is NOT a contractor referral or lead generation site. We don’t even ask for your telephone number.  Institui offers the following services to help you!

Our Services Includes!

Please Contact Us with any questions regarding our services or HELP filling out our forms.

estimate home remodeling repair costs